An AI Assistant for Original Content Creators vs. Mass AI Article Generators

28 May 2024

Hey everyone,

In today’s world, AI-generated content is everywhere. It’s becoming increasingly common to see articles, blog posts, and even social media updates created by AI.

This has raised a lot of questions and concerns, especially among original content creators who pour their heart and soul into each piece they craft. How can these creators continue to stand out? Or how can AI enhance their creative power without compromising their unique voice and authenticity?

I had a great chat recently with one of’s early users, and that really got me thinking about these questions. Let me share that with you.

The Chat with a Content Creator

So, here’s the story. This user, let’s call him Alex, is a full-time worker and wants to build his personal brand on LinkedIn. He told me that he had been searching for a solution to help him store and develop his ideas.

He wanted something more than just a digital notepad or a traditional content management tool. What Alex needed was a companion in his creative process — something that could help him refine and evolve his thoughts and ideas popping up in his life into valuable content.

Interestingly, Alex mentioned that he doesn’t want AI content generators. You know, those tools that churn out articles in mass but often lack authenticity and a personal touch. Alex feels that these tools, while efficient, can’t capture his unique voice and style. And I totally get that. Authenticity is key, especially when you’re building a personal brand in this AI world.

What Alex was looking for was an AI assistant, not just a generator. He needed a tool that could help him store ideas quickly, recommend ideas based on information he saved, and brainstorm ideas together. That’s how Alex came to He hopes it will allow him to achieve this outcome.

AI in Content Creation

This conversation with Alex really got me reflecting on the broader implications of AI in the content creation space.

As AI technology advances, it’s becoming increasingly embedded in various aspects of our lives, including the way we create and consume content. However, there’s a significant distinction between using AI to generate a flood of generic, mass-produced content and using AI to support the creation of original, thoughtful content.

Firstly, let’s talk about the increase in AI-generated content. There’s no denying the efficiency of AI when it comes to producing large volumes of text quickly. For businesses looking to populate their blogs, social media, and other platforms with regular updates, AI content generators, which can create hundreds of content for SEO purposes in days instead of months, is surely tempting.

However, this comes with a downside. The content produced by these generators often lacks the nuance, personality, and authenticity that human writers bring to the table. It may feel impersonal and disconnected. If your purpose is to establish an emotional connection with your audience, then this solution can fall short in a world that’s already saturated with information.

On the other hand, using AI to support original content creation can be beneficial. This approach is about using AI to curate, ask, brainstorm, and correct grammar.

Imagine having an AI assistant who helps you brainstorm ideas, organize your thoughts, and provide tailored suggestions to improve your writing. This doesn’t just save time — it enhances the creative process, allowing you to focus more on developing your unique ideas and less on the manual work of organizing and maintaining a database.

Furthermore, AI can be a powerful tool for overcoming common creative challenges.

For instance, writer’s block is something every writer faces at some point. An AI assistant can help break through this barrier by offering new perspectives and sparking inspiration. It can suggest new angles, provide relevant knowledge or even pose questions that help you think differently about your topic. This kind of support is invaluable, especially for creators who are striving to maintain a consistent output of high-quality content.

What makes an ideal AI Tool for Original Content Creators?

So with that, here is what I envision for an Ideal AI Content Creation assistant.

  • Idea Development and Storage: A method and space where creators can quickly capture, store their ideas, and develop them over time. This isn’t just about keeping notes; it’s about creating an environment where ideas can grow and evolve.
  • Chat with your knowledge base: Just ask to get insights out of what you saved in real-time. Ideas, thoughts, articles.. everything
  • Curated Assistance: It suggests relevant knowledge to the content you are creating, making use of the knowledge you saved
  • Brainstorming with multiple AIs: You have the ability to converse with multiple AI models in the same space where you are creating your content. It improves the focus and range of ideas.

Hearing from users like Alex reinforces my belief in the importance of these features. It isn’t about generating content for the sake of quantity; it’s about enhancing the quality of the content that creators are passionate about.

What do you think about this approach? Have you had any experiences with a great AI tool in content creation?