Attention-grabbing PR Tactics for the Digital Age: How to Boost Organic Reach

29 May 2024

When we talk about "public relations," many of us immediately think of getting featured in big media outlets. While that's important, in today's world where we spend most of our time on our phones, what really matters is how many people share and repost our content – that's what we call organic reach.

This is where thinking outside the box becomes invaluable. Unconventional campaigns often tap into our innate desire to share something remarkable or amusing with our friends. According to The New York Times, people primarily share on social media to inform, entertain, and assist others. Understanding this psychology is crucial for effective PR strategies.

Before delving into unconventional tactics, however, there are fundamental rules that must be observed, regardless of the chosen approach.

  • Know Your Audience: Understanding your audience is paramount before initiating any PR efforts. Identifying who you're trying to reach and what resonates with them lays the foundation for successful engagement.
  • Be Authentic: Authenticity is key. Rather than emulating others in the market, stay true to your brand's values. Implementing tactics incongruent with your brand identity can do more harm than good.
  • Stay Relevant: Relevance is essential. Aligning your messaging with current societal trends and your audience's interests prevents missteps that could lead to a crisis.

Now, let's talk about some sneaky tactics you can try to boost your PR game:

Creative Job Postings

Get creative with your job postings. For example, take a look at a hilariously catchy Fiverr’s “Another Generic Recruitment Video”. This job posting triggers potential candidates’ interest, corresponding with the company's mission to change how the world works together. Catchy phrases and unconventional ideas became an example for any company, striving to stand out. Unique job postings garner significant organic traction, boosting awareness of your company's culture and creativity. This marketing strategy resulted in the video gaining more than 230 thousand views.

Another Generic Recruitment Video | Fiverr

Attention-Grabbing Products

Embrace creativity in product promotion. The average attention on screen has decreased by 69% since 2004. Thereby, entrepreneurs are forced to compete for clients’ focus and attention. Take a cue from Stanley, the brand behind usual water bottles. Founded in 1913, the company was not in demand until Terrance Riley came on stage. He changed Stanley’s marketing approach. The company made Quencher its main product and promoted it as an item of self-expression.

Stanley Quencher

Bottles of an unusual form and of different colors went viral, increasing sales 10-fold. Developing the identity of your product and using viral moments can make your brand more relatable and shareable.

Publicity Stunts

While more challenging, well-executed publicity stunts can yield remarkable results. Think outside the box to craft attention-grabbing campaigns. The startling example was demonstrated to the PR community by WePay. The attention-grabbing move of leveraging a 300-kg block of ice has become an excellent example of situational marketing, giving the company an opportunity to outplay its competitor PayPal. This PR-stunt not only triggered the emotions of WePay users but also emphasized the pain points of PayPal, whose accounts were frozen at the moment. As a result, the stunt led to a 225% increase of sign-ups on WePay.

WePay's bold move of dropping 600 lbs of ice at a PayPal conference. Photo:

Leveraging Technology

Harness the power of technology to captivate audiences. Integrating AI and CGI into visual content can create a mesmerizing effect, captivating viewers' attention and encouraging prolonged engagement.

Artificial intelligence has become an integral part of marketing, actively introducing itself into various fields of activity. With the development of machine learning technologies, data analysis and process automation, the impact of artificial intelligence on modern marketing is becoming more diverse and effective. In some companies, AI for marketing and sales has already become an indispensable assistant: 35% of businesses already use AI and 42% use it to reduce costs. Recent studies show that by 2030, AI will generate more than USD 15 trillion for the global economy and boost local economies by as much as 26%, also improving the effectiveness of interaction with consumers and helping companies better understand their needs.

The triumphant advance of artificial intelligence is demonstrated to us by Jacquemus. The brand posted an Instagram reel of what appeared to be its Bambino bags cruising the streets of Paris. Initially, many users were unsure whether it was AI, CGI, or an authentic scene. Nevertheless, the video garnered over 48.7 million views, 114k reposts, and received extensive coverage in the media.

Jacquemus Bambino Bags Campaign

In conclusion, unconventional PR tactics offer a refreshing approach to engage audiences in today's digital landscape. By embracing creativity, authenticity, and relevance, brands can effectively cut through the noise and leave a lasting impression on their target audience.