Com2uS's 'Summoner's War' and 'Walking Dead' Make Their Debut on the Oasys Network

30 May 2024

Com2uS Group has partnered with Oasys to introduce XPLA Verse, a new layer 2 blockchain designed specifically for gaming. XPLA Verse operates atop Oasys' game-centric blockchain platform, positioning itself as a player in the evolving landscape of Web3 gaming. The rollout includes notable titles from Com2uS Group's catalog. "Summoners War: Chronicle," an action RPG that builds on the legacy of the highly successful "Summoners War: Sky Arena"—which boasts over 220 million downloads—will debut on the platform. Additionally, "The Walking Dead: All-Stars," drawing from the famed zombie comic series and enjoying a monthly active user base of 250,000, will also transition to XPLA Verse.

This strategic move leverages Com2uS Group's well-established global presence and its history of successful video game titles. By integrating proven IPs into the blockchain space, Com2uS not only intends to introduce existing fans to the Web3 ecosystem but also aims to enrich the gaming experience with the unique capabilities of blockchain technology.

Historically, Com2uS has been a pioneer in mobile game development in South Korea and has recently expanded its Web3 operations in Japan. By engaging with Oasys, which is known for its nuanced understanding of Japan's regulatory environment, Com2uS seeks to solidify its presence in East Asia and attract a broader audience to its Web3 offerings.

The inauguration of XPLa Verse is expected to benefit gamers with quicker transaction times and the absence of network fees, promising an enhanced gaming experience. This integration is likely to bolster Oasys' ambition to establish itself as a central hub for Web3 gaming, potentially attracting both traditional gamers and enthusiasts of popular intellectual properties.

Final Thoughts

The collaboration between Com2uS Group and Oasys to launch XPLA Verse is an ambitious step towards integrating mainstream gaming with blockchain technology. While this move aligns with the increasing interest in Web3 gaming platforms, its success will largely depend on the adoption rate among traditional gamers and the seamless integration of game mechanics with blockchain features.

Despite the optimistic outlook, challenges remain, particularly in terms of broad consumer acceptance and the overall maturation of blockchain technology in gaming. It will be crucial for Com2uS and Oasys to maintain a focus on user experience and stability to ensure that their venture into blockchain gaming does not compromise the quality and engagement that gamers expect from top-tier gaming titles.

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