The Roadmap for Your First 30-60-90 Days of Developer Advocacy

4 Jun 2024

30-60-90 Days of Developer Advocacy

Tea Protocol as a Case-Study

💡 This is an assignment for Devrel Uni, and for this, I will be acting as a Developer Advocate for Tea Protocol


The Internet as we know it is powered by open-source software that is freely available to use. These programs are built and maintained by communities of developers with little or no reward from the beneficiaries, including large companies that rely on this essential open-source infrastructure.

The Problem?

The idea of open-source software has seen tremendous growth over the past years. Despite the growth, the contributors and maintainers aren't adequately rewarded for their efforts.

This leads to diminished morale, burnout, and some open-source projects being deprecated or unmaintained. In the case of Max Howell's "Brew" in 2009 - one of the fastest growing and most used projects of all time - Max could only afford to maintain it as a "hobby" while working as a developer at Apple to pay the bills

What is the Tea Protocol??

Tea Protocol => OpenSource + Web3.

Tea Protocol aims to improve the sustainability of open-source projects by allowing developers to benefit from their work in a trustless way. Tea Protocol allows developers to build their reputation and impact on a project while getting incentivized for it. The protocol also provides a way for the community around a project to share their improvements, reports, and code innovations on a project or a developer's work.

💡As of the time of writing, Tea Protocol has not been pushed live to Mainnet. Beware of Wallet Drainers offering tea token Airdrop.

If I were a developer advocate at Tea Protol, this would be my 30-60-day plan.

Day 1 - 30: Learn Tea Protocol Inside Out

My goal is to fully immerse myself in the Tea Protocol ecosystem from a newbie perspective, while also evaluating the onboarding process.

Target Focus: Tea protocol team to identify any internal pain points related to developer experience and understand their communication style.

Day 30 - 60: Build a Relationship With the Tea Communi'tea

  • Develop blog posts, tutorials, or code samples showcasing Tea Protocol's capabilities.

  • Consider creating content that addresses common developer questions or challenges.

  • Contribute to open-source projects that utilize Tea Protocol (optional).

  • Community Partnership.

  • Tea Protocol Support - participate in Tea Protocol's official support channels.

My goal at this point is to immerse myself in the Tea Protocol communi'tea, build relationships with developers using the protocol, and encourage more OSS projects to adopt the Tea Protocol.

Target Focus: Developers using Tea Protocol to understand their challenges, their preferred communication channel, and their technical level.

Day 60 - 90: Expertise and Thought Leadership

  • Present at conferences or meetups on Tea Protocol's applications and best practices.
  • Contribute to discussions and influence the future direction of the Tea Protocol.
  • Develop programs or initiatives to empower Tea Protocol developers (e.g., workshops, hackathons).
  • Gather feedback from developers on their experience using Tea Protocol.
  • Track metrics such as developer communi'tea growth, engagement with all content on Tea Protocol, and adoption of Tea Protocol.
  • Analyze results and adjust my strategy based on data and developer feedback.

My goal is to advocate for Tea Protocol. I will measure and analyze all my strategies, improve on them, and expand my efforts based on the results.

Target Audience: The insights gained about the Tea Protocol communi'tea will inform how I tailor my content (articles, workshops), to cater to their needs and challenges.


Here are some key things to note about the Tea Protocol:

  • Tea Protocol is not yet on Mainnet, but you can start interacting with its testnet here:
  • Tea Protocol is categorized as a public good project.
  • Tea Protocol combines two very important technological niches: open-source and blockchain technology.