Understand the New HackerNoon UI and Let’s Get Submittin’ (Some Cool Stories)

31 May 2024

Hey Hackers!

HackerNoon wouldn’t be HackerNoon if we didn’t spend time updating our CMS with thoughtful upgrades and new writer flows! By now, most of you must have already noticed a new look to the writer user interface so let’s dive into the changes.

Tags Placement Has Changed

The first change you’ll notice is that the tags placement box now lives under the headline.

Tags are an important part of the HackerNoon writer experience and can help you 100x your story views. HackerNoon wants to emphasize the importance of tags with this change in placement.

As a reminder, you should always prefer adding new and unique long tail keywords as opposed to generic ones to get the most out of your story and have it distributed far and wide on the internet.

New Submission Flow

The biggest change in the writer's UI is the submission process. HackerNoon now incentivizes authors who post original content with faster turnaround times. By default, the “submit story” button no longer appears unless you specify whether your story is an original submission i.e. not a repost or not (Remember: no cheating. Our Plagiarism checker is quite robust 😉)

If your story is not a repost - meaning, it’s an original submission - simply hit “yes” and submit your story for review!

So does that mean HackerNoon is not accepting reposts? Of course not! Reposts are still welcome on HackerNoon! When submitting a repost, select “no” and then enter the URL of the website where the story was originally published.

Once you do, simply specify whether the URL is a personal website or a business blog. Websites like Medium, Dev.to, Hashnode, Substack are considered personal posts, and fall under the ambit of a personal website. Once you specify that the URL is personal, you can submit the story!

But what happens if you represent a brand and want to repost from your brand blog? Simply specify that the URL is a business site and watch the magic happen 😉

Jokes aside, brands need to purchase credits on HackerNoon to publish and the updated writer flow makes it easier for businesses looking to post on HackerNoon to purchase credits to do so!

And that’s that! That’s it for the major changes to the HackerNoon user interface. Hope these explanations help and looking forward to future submissions!